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Do I remember cold nights still grinding in #NYC yup blizzard on this night but we rolled out and connected with pe…
27th November, 2018 #NYC
And we're done our #nanowrimo2018 novel! 50,024 words written and the final chapter is done! Huzzah!! 💕 #matteo
25th November, 2018 #matteo
We're so close to our 50,000 mark. Another morning of 2049 words, and we're at 48,000 in total. #NaNoWriMo2018
24th November, 2018
There's no question of slacking, is there? Another 2200 words and we're over 45,000 words. The end is nigh.…
23rd November, 2018
Mysore: Race 2 1️⃣ MATTEO J: M.J.GautamRajUrs T: Johnson S M . 2️⃣ Quick Angel 3️⃣ Kir Royale 4️⃣ Counter Point .…
21st November, 2018
I’m dont “like men” “like that” but #AndreaBoccelli’s son is SO SO beautiful #matteo🤗
20th November, 2018 #matteo
A short chapter this am: 1250 words putting us just shy of 40,000 words. Are we good with that? I think we are.…
20th November, 2018