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@SaysHummingbird evilanka wants to go so badly to the biggest party of the century. But for the reason alone that a…
20th February, 2018
So ready for graduation!! #May19,2018 🎓🎓
18th February, 2018 #May19
When it’s cold outside, we’ve got the month of May. Come on warmer weather. #WaterCountryUSA #waterpark #may19
17th February, 2018 #may19
#May19 can charm the pants off you with a wink, a smile, a touch, or a kiss.
16th February, 2018 #May19
I most definitely met my significant other at sac state. We worked together @TheStateHornet and fell in love. We’re…
14th February, 2018
I Always Felt More Gemini Than Taurus #May19
13th February, 2018 #May19
I cannot believe that after years of trying to find somewhere to see Nelly & having tickets to nelly but then not b…
12th February, 2018