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Oh Sweden, must thou burn down? Wilt thou rise from the ashes? Woe unto thee, Swede man; thou hast lost all to the…
19th January, 2017
Enjoying #ChristyMoore doc on now -important timeline of key political events with beautiful soundtrack compliments…
19th January, 2017
✨🎂Chillin, relaxing, chillout together with #liveme ᴷᴱᴱᴾ❌ᴵᵀ ᴸᴵᵀ:#Mega
19th January, 2017 #Mega
@welt @welt Germans have a right to be proud of their past and their heritage. Like every other country in the world. Hocke is correct.#MEGA
19th January, 2017 #MEGA