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#Meredith “Amanda Knox is engaged to longtime boyfriend Christopher Robinson - CNN
18th November, 2018 #Meredith
YES DELUCA!!! It’s about time!!!@GreysABC omg that scene 😭🥰❤️ #meredith&andrew @EllenPompeo @GiacomoKG
17th November, 2018 #meredith
$MDP dominated by bears dragging the market lower throughout the day: Sentiment: Bearish #MDP #Meredith
17th November, 2018 #Meredith
On season 8 of Grey’s Anatomy... this is my 18th time watching it all the way through and it never gets old. 😍 love…
16th November, 2018
@EllenPompeo You're wonderful 😍in the last episode you've been amazing, I hope to meet you one day, you are an exam…
16th November, 2018