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Semper Fi! On this #REDFRIDAY Let us REMEMBER & #HONOR all of America's #POWS & #MIAS! We Much Never Lose #FAITH &… https://t.co/SYJ997dWDq
12th October, 2018 #MIAS
We are delighted to be picked as 1 of 15 finalists taken from a pool of 85 applicants for this years Irish Times In… https://t.co/arjk402GB7
10th October, 2018
I voted "NO!" on Tina, & the rampant deaths of babies due to Tina being held in the 'harms' of PPHD. #NotTINAhttps://t.co/XPPBQUJhB3
7th October, 2018
Peep this bugged-out three-wheeler concept made by @Toyota I checked out at the @AutoShowMiami named the i-Road!… https://t.co/Zl82HF0WjT
6th October, 2018
This right here is the 1971 Corvette Stingray. #mias @Miami Beach Convention Center https://t.co/W0OBKtncNY
5th October, 2018 #mias
1969 Ford Shelby GT 350 with the 1971 Volvo 1800 E in the background here at the Miami Intl Auto Show. #mias @Miamhttps://t.co/6fdWA6hr4O
5th October, 2018 #mias