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All set for a busy day of partnering meetings at @BIOConvention in Boston. If you’re planning to conduct European c… https://t.co/6z3VI2Yu8o
6th June, 2018
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/cxNdc6PRud Manila International Auto Show (#MIAS) 2018 - VLOG 29
5th June, 2018 #MIAS
Semper Fi! On This RED FRIDAY Let Us REMEMBER & #HONOR All our #POWS & #MIAS! We must Never Lose FAITH and HOPE Th… https://t.co/H0WHIZI7Ly
1st June, 2018 #MIAS
Not long now. Don't miss out on this great package being ran from Tynrhyd. There are still places available, to c… https://t.co/eJuCb6p47A
31st May, 2018
@RedTRaccoon Wait - you're telling me the #Braves keep an empty seat for #MIAs ? 😢😭 That is the most touching & inc… https://t.co/YEeuXzxzuO
29th May, 2018 #MIAs
I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend. Those of you who actually celebrate. I took the time today to r… https://t.co/KLlfyz7gS1
29th May, 2018