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Saluting our wonderful 2019 finalists. Congrats Nicole, Beth & Catherine of @N_HertsCollege for winning the… https://t.co/y7BeW9mytX
23rd February, 2019
soooo ... if a restaurant has a michelin star (or five) & a patron dies from food poisoning after eating there, doe… https://t.co/N7yaJjkR8T
23rd February, 2019
Picking up the Himalayan on Monday. Thanks to Simon V for weeks of sunless spannering. #michelin #TPMShttps://t.co/kuz13zVll5
23rd February, 2019 #michelin
Im always at loss of words when it comes to meet Chef Vikas Khanna Thank you for so much love. I can’t wait to se… https://t.co/pVbCx1LrkR
23rd February, 2019