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@Misnomer I’d like to thank everyone for not only drinking #michigan beer, but specifically Kalamazoo beer.
24th January, 2019 #michigan
My feature film raises awareness about sextrafficking. Hope you’ll buy a #DVD copy and support an #indie #filmmakerhttps://t.co/sKEga9bl5d
24th January, 2019 #DVD, #filmmaker
Tips to avoid Plaque Buildup - Fight off your Sweet Tooth - Eat Fruits and Vegetables - Brush and floss regularly… https://t.co/Zb98IlHZt3
24th January, 2019
@realDonaldTrump How about we get rid of some tax credits? EIC, Child Tax Credits. These are not earned Credits, th… https://t.co/0jyZS4Jk1e
24th January, 2019