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The quality of my work is about to go up 6-fold. Big thanks to @carsireland.ie for picking me as their #ReviewmyCarhttps://t.co/S25YMmDFX3
24th November, 2017
We are very excited to present to you the winner of our #ReviewmyCar Facebook competition. John Quinn gives a frank… https://t.co/KEzuzvmDsI
24th November, 2017
More than 500 attendees from Spanish #Driving #Schools interested in getting to know the New Nissan #Micra at the N… https://t.co/2XGOoSoV6Y
24th November, 2017 #Micra
Saw the new @Nissan #micra in a car park this morning. Heading towards Gen 1/2 focus hatchback size wise. What ever… https://t.co/ZRCMG0J5xk
24th November, 2017 #micra
❤️Customers LOVE their all-new @Nissan Micra❤️ Owners of the brand new Micra that was released in March have score… https://t.co/7k7JiNi4Uq
24th November, 2017
@Nissan_India @nissanindia Sorry for the multiple tweets. Its almost 10th day but no sign of any activity. What is… https://t.co/qqFykMuVnd
24th November, 2017
@Nissan_India @nissanindia C1711180012 is the complaint number. Also information of nodal/appellate details not found. #Nissan #Micra
24th November, 2017 #Nissan, #Micra