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All I want to know is what are the qualifications for becoming a Guacamologist & where can I apply???...😂 #mid-lif… https://t.co/0P0leO7EXz
21st March, 2018 #mid
Not sure what I've just witnessed from Bogdan... cross from the right, Bogdan jumps, hits his kit-kat fingers, trie… https://t.co/2CkeSbc16i
21st March, 2018
@ericarhodes “Everything Little Thing I Do” by Soul For Real https://t.co/p5DVV0UVJD #Mid 90s Greatness
21st March, 2018 #Mid
Extraordinary Property of the Day | Wanderlust Wednesday to New Canaan and this incredible mid-century jewel listed… https://t.co/EvHzSxOC9E
21st March, 2018