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Chelsea and her 2017 Nissan Rogue! Congratulations Chelsea and thank you for your business! #midnightedition https://t.co/K1PnrJn20L
12th April, 2017 #midnightedition
Take on the mainstream in @Nissan’s new #MidnightEdition—our new family of black sheep that refuse to blend in. https://t.co/djL1uKLCxD
9th April, 2017 #MidnightEdition
The 2017 @Nissan #MidnightEdition package has now expanded to the Sentra SR, Altima SR, Maxima SR, and many more. https://t.co/brAA7pB9o2
7th April, 2017 #MidnightEdition
Release your inner Batman with the Nissan Midnight Edition. OWN THE NIGHT. #Mankato #MidnightEdition https://t.co/5GcPq2xPYa
7th April, 2017 #MidnightEdition