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Dating in LA is a joke 😂 I better swoop me up a good #midwestern boy when I'm home next!
23rd February, 2017 #midwestern
Now that I realize it, the amount of times I say "ope" in a day is surprisingly a lot haha #Midwestern
23rd February, 2017 #Midwestern
Discussing tenuous #Midwestern phrases with @glorious_grant: "I could eat." "I guess we could do that." "That's an idea." "Sounds OK."
21st February, 2017 #Midwestern
Kansas City Grand Rapids Milwaukee Des Moines - 4 underappreciated #Midwestern cities @thrillist https://t.co/PjZEVGrbye
20th February, 2017 #Midwestern
I wish I could replicate Leo's Coney ranch. It tastes like it made of dreams and happiness. #midwestern
20th February, 2017 #midwestern