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If Mike Rowe admires Bill Whittle, then that a great reason to consider hearing Whittle speak at the CDA Resort on… https://t.co/nqbpBHbfQA
11th December, 2019
I did not get that option when I was in High school career counseling, or I would have done Ranching? But how many… https://t.co/kE2m2oED1e
11th December, 2019
#mikerowe is smart. And he understands the labor market. They're are jobs that need to be filled and trades need to… https://t.co/DnuBsbOEGn
10th December, 2019
New Episode Up Now !!! ....... AVAILABLE ON ALL PLATFORMS ! $120,000 Bananas !? No Headphones in The Shop ? NO PRO… https://t.co/ktBMajw5Pj
9th December, 2019
I really wish old episodes of #dirtyjobs was easier to find. The dvds only do so much good because not all the epis… https://t.co/lu4sQuTNW4
9th December, 2019
Holiday shopping, holiday parties…. relax - take a break and come enjoy the CSRA’s #1 Monday Night Trivia show… We’… https://t.co/ntgMbems4f
9th December, 2019
Please don’t take this the wrong way, Larry, but I love #MikeRowe! (More accurately, I love his mom.) https://t.co/FR9kWpddij
8th December, 2019
By Rosemarie Ascherl-Lenhard, PR Foreman It’s been a while since we talked about one of our hot buttons: the ongoi… https://t.co/EeID3HCl0V
6th December, 2019