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After Phil Hay talks about 'Radrizanni's circle' @petter_andre consults his 'source' about details of new deal for… https://t.co/FTApKTN8SF
16th October, 2016
#minorityreport redux? Predicting violent crimes in advance among soldiers. (AUC=0.79) https://t.co/C1kGxUzB3v @bos_chip Ben Reis.
16th October, 2016 #minorityreport
right now, as we tweet, someone is making some terrible design decisions for an upcoming website. If only we had a #UX #minorityreport
16th October, 2016 #minorityreport
Someone who knows science better than me - is it theoretically possible to 3d print an eyeball from DNA? Yes, I am watching #MinorityReport
15th October, 2016 #MinorityReport