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My mum and I and big fans of #Miranda and today she said to me “they are bringing it back” and when I said it’s not… https://t.co/tZDjVP1vdQ
12th January, 2018 #Miranda
So this week I turned 40 plus 1 😔 a belated birthday present came today from the best friend 😆😍 @mermhart #newreadhttps://t.co/BID7IfHgc9
12th January, 2018
@mermhart I really hope the the rumours are true and Miranda will return for a fourth series love that show #Miranda
12th January, 2018 #Miranda
@spacecity_game Like most cities, #Miranda has a small town/commercial area where a road enters from a neighboring… https://t.co/OHC2riA6Pk
12th January, 2018 #Miranda