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When you offer your #coworker an #altoid and yet they refuse. What I really mean is I don’t want to smell that stan… https://t.co/pICjF4KMbB
17th April, 2018
Step as hard as you can and leave a mark wherever you go, with our #BootsCollection. Online at:… https://t.co/swg1EbMyhI
16th April, 2018
HEY MISTER! Made Mister by KARA cover for my new media design project and decided to upload it here too! Hope you… https://t.co/TJGyhgc9LV
15th April, 2018
@jamescharles Sorry Sister!!! But I'm going to have to steal your #Mister. Just for a minute or three (I keep it ti… https://t.co/XXt6VFJ2bB
14th April, 2018 #Mister