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Introducing 2018 #Tesla #Model3 Nice work by Tesla’s 🔥💯✔️😻👈😍☝️
24th March, 2018 #Tesla, #Model3
How well an EV performs in cold weather tells how good a car it is overall. RESULTS: 5 cars tested & @Nissan #Leaf
24th March, 2018
Brand new #tesla #model3 got hit near my house today. Sucks to be the guy that waited all this long and get hit by…
24th March, 2018 #tesla, #model3
@elonmusk we stood in line and placed Model 3 order in first 45 minutes of booking opening. People who placed order…
24th March, 2018
1st Tesla Powerwall, which lets you store solar energy, installed in Sask home #electric
24th March, 2018
Walked to the @Tesla showroom and they had my car. In my color. And no line. Spent over 30 min with the thing, good…
24th March, 2018