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Just dropped another #MOJO short doc to @FiLMiCPro Film Fest. Filmed on location at Cerro Paranal.
23rd September, 2019 #MOJO
One day separating us from the meetings of the #UNGA in this report we got a comment from the spokesman of the SG o…
23rd September, 2019
Some are completely new to shooting on the smartphone and some are on their second (or third) #mojo course
23rd September, 2019 #mojo
Currently on a boat in Hamburg Harbor area for the first @FiLMiCPro exercise shooting a five shot sequence. #mojo
23rd September, 2019 #mojo
One for audio, radio people and #mojo enthusiasts : First up is @justinbones on Luci Live, external microphone, pri…
23rd September, 2019 #mojo