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30 years ago THIS WEEK the “Ultimate Surround Sound” was created! Millions of miles traveled and millions of people…
18th August, 2018
Yesterday - don't ask 😠 Weighed in this morning - stayed the same. #weightwatchersuk #weightlossjourney #mojo
18th August, 2018 #mojo
This is how our Tribesmen from South Zone have lined up their Mean Machines #Mojo after a wonderful ride of around…
18th August, 2018 #Mojo
He must be a Lonely, Lonely man. A walking bag of self-promotion who seems to have lost his #MOJO
18th August, 2018 #MOJO
Happiness is when being engaged in an activity makes you happy (as opposed to being engaged in something not so stimulating). #Mojo #AHAthat
18th August, 2018 #Mojo
Many make the mistake treating identity as a fixed, immutable object. We believe it cannot be altered, at least not significantly. #Mojo
18th August, 2018 #Mojo
Your "Created Identity" allows you to become a different person. You can change to fit changing times and to achieve higher goals. #Mojo
18th August, 2018 #Mojo