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#mumbaitrafficpolice , don't go past churchgate from marine drive, the police have a target today, to use their new digital drive, lol,
3rd April, 2017 #mumbaitrafficpolice
#MumbaiTrafficPolice what's the deal, 10 texts pushing us to d download MTPapp, registration failed every time, wasted time, #disappointed
1st April, 2017 #MumbaiTrafficPolice
@MumbaiPolice @RidlrMUM i am sure this is not the only case..Please help to eliminate such thieves on the road! #MumbaiTrafficPolice
29th March, 2017 #MumbaiTrafficPolice
#MumbaiTrafficPolice's collection from fines has seen steep decline of 20% after switching over to e-challans in Ja…
29th March, 2017 #MumbaiTrafficPolice