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@Joey7Barton saying Accirington Stanley would finish 1st/2nd in SPL because the standard is poor. Remembering he pl…
12th March, 2018
@essjayarr I want to readdress that I was once a goalkeeper #munter
7th March, 2018 #munter
Aww Mama June-shazbat can dish it but can’t take it. I’m sorry but having seen what she and her grown kids look li…
7th March, 2018
@ScottishSun Your hardly going to be able to tell if she falls flat on her face.. lol #munter
4th March, 2018 #munter
@ScotTories No one voted for these cretins. Hilarious. BTW that wifie Wells could eat a turnip through a tennis racquet #Munter #Rusty
3rd March, 2018 #Munter