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@gregcjones A tackle, Come on the Sons of William. Hence never been back. #Munter
8th October, 2016 #Munter
@ElllaJanee imagine posting something like this for retweets. if someone complimented you on anything you would crumble #munter
8th October, 2016 #munter
@IainDale 1) she's a politician IN Wales. 2) The show is IN Wales #munter
7th October, 2016 #munter
Put a picture of this thing on the mantel piece. Will keep children & pets away from the fire👾 #munter
7th October, 2016 #munter
If I was you I would have walked home and spent that £20 on those manky nails and that hairy index finger #Munter
6th October, 2016 #Munter
When you see someone in real life after only ever seeing their Facebook profile picture. #CatFish
4th October, 2016