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@SheriffClarke @realDonaldTrump He's a filthy liar and you're a disgrace to the office of sheriff. Anyone who stan…
27th July, 2017
@realDonaldTrump you ruined this country and I hope the exile you when you get impeached. Or you go to prison you criminal! #murderer
27th July, 2017 #murderer
And your not talking about the bell are you. Your talking about the knob waving It! #murderer
27th July, 2017 #murderer
James Gargasoulas too unwell for court: lawyer 😡Yeah! Drug Fucked. #Murderer
27th July, 2017 #Murderer
She'll never know a thing even with the knife stuck in her head. #storytime #MURDERER #thoughts
27th July, 2017 #MURDERER
Donald Trump's arbitrary decree delivers a loud, thoughtless, uncaring message to LGBTQ youth already at enormous r…
27th July, 2017