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trust in god and he will give you what you need #nada
21st June, 2018 #nada
@robreiner What kind of comprehensive immigration policy was enacted during the Obama administration? #NADA!
20th June, 2018 #NADA
Delighted to hear that Nada, a package free store is opening it's doors today in Vancouver. Check it out and suppor…
20th June, 2018
@jiveDurkey What caught my attention was the complete lack of response from the pink Barbie Bot #Nada not an eyebro…
20th June, 2018 #Nada
One thing I learned people in Tampa can't drive you see accidents every day but I just saw car go over the barrier…
20th June, 2018
Getting used to these early mornings #NaDa
20th June, 2018
NO MATTER WHAT YOU'RE SELLING... It's the experience you deliver and the personal influence you earn that determin…
20th June, 2018