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@GilroyTX @Kingsgifs @reallisa More like a "like father like son" moment. His Dad was a POS too. 12,100 PIM seasons #Nagano
20th March, 2017 #Nagano
@NHLonNBCSports : @NHL Needs to teach this 19-year-old scumbag a lesson before he turns into an embarrassment like his Dad. #Nagano
20th March, 2017 #Nagano
All Matthew Tkachuk has to do now to be as big of a piece of garbage as his old man is to shame his country at the Olympics #Nagano #LAKings
20th March, 2017 #Nagano
Street our Ryokan is in tonight #Nagano, Japan 🇯🇵
19th March, 2017 #Nagano