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in an ideal world, Pac-Man would not gobble dots but bottles of excellent red wine, like this plush, polished dark-…
24th February, 2020
💕 The WoW is ready with vSpin/Spiegelau Crystal Aeration Decanter to open up with thanks to 🍷johnymin79 Ready for t…
24th February, 2020
@NaveedAJamali @AshaRangappa_ @BenjaminNorton Apparently Ben is either clueless or just extremely jealous of Asha &…
24th February, 2020
Have you ever had a role like "Legal Secretary"? What did you like most about that job? #Legal #Napa, CA
23rd February, 2020 #Napa
Dear leparisartisan, you had me at cropuff, your one-of-a kind, croissant and cream puff creation. #leparisartisan
23rd February, 2020