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North London Derby Tomorrow Arsenal vs Tottenham ⚽ NBC Sports Network (NBCSN) 7:30 am (set your ⏰ ☺) #NBCSNhttps://t.co/SFDPRm79Ym
18th November, 2017 #NBCSN
I feel really bad for all of those Fox and NBC Sports folks who continue to talk about being in Miami. They're goin… https://t.co/dNQ4ahVXCm
18th November, 2017
Set your alarms, wake up early for this one! #Arsenal vs #Tottenham tomorrow morning at 7:30am ET. Watch on #NBCSN! https://t.co/vD1kJH0uvt
18th November, 2017 #Arsenal, #NBCSN
.@JEarnhardt1 is strapped in and ready to make some laps @HomesteadMiami Speedway! Practice runs until 1:55p. Cat… https://t.co/BC0c5kyd87
17th November, 2017
@PaulPabst I'm pretty sure I am the only American with the NFL on the computer and US Curling Trials on TV.… https://t.co/72tjDwQBc1
17th November, 2017
Elizabeth Warren is tge perfect politician. On and on without offering any solutions. Who's the leader of the Democ… https://t.co/pAUF2vrNiy
16th November, 2017