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Good that NYC has numbers. Must work with @Uber_India @Olacabs and others to share more data in India! #newmobility
14th October, 2017 #newmobility
Great to have such data and analysis - question is how should cities take such data points into consideration when…
14th October, 2017
Gender step gap: women pay more to be safe - often this means not walking! Will the #newmobility disruption change…
14th October, 2017 #newmobility
Might be interesting to compare this to what people actually decide to take when making such trips #newmobility
14th October, 2017 #newmobility
@stellasharing first experience: great!👍🏻Despite it was starting to rain! A vizor would be helpful (but looks uncool, I know) #newmobility
12th October, 2017 #newmobility