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@QandA @RichardDiNatale & #Newscorp s the Tele, The Aus etc , just plain silly stories coming form some Journo s
5th March, 2018 #Newscorp
@noplaceforsheep It will be dropped as soon as Shorten overtakes Turnbull. #Newscorp won't like that.
5th March, 2018 #Newscorp
We asked our Board Members what International Women's Day means to them. What does it mean to you? . . . . .…
5th March, 2018
#NewsCorp newspapers play a pivotal role in driving the daily news cycle
5th March, 2018 #NewsCorp
Barnaby Joyce says he had 'no choice' but to confront paternity rumour, & points the finger at #Newscorp papers for…
4th March, 2018 #Newscorp