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@KTNNews @KTNKenya Ask Mutinda and Prof. what correct thing that Kenyans should do to deal with the usual rhetoric by status quo #NewsDesk
29th May, 2017 #NewsDesk
@Sharon_Momanyi @KTNNews tell your JAP panelist to stop leavin on PR they need to unmask and realize the reality on the ground.#NewsDesk
29th May, 2017 #NewsDesk
#NewsDesk as you look on the screan ul see about 75% of Nairobi is jobless plus the drankards talking yelling in the backstage
29th May, 2017 #NewsDesk
Our own Director of Media Studies Giorgia Ponti presented PM @PaoloGentiloni with his own copy of our #Newsdesk boo…
27th May, 2017 #Newsdesk
#Newsdesk we surely do need update of oil, its products and its proceeds as we are getting about SGR.
26th May, 2017 #Newsdesk