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#Egypt: New #NGO Law Will Crush (the suffocated and almost non existent already) Civil Society
3rd June, 2017 #Egypt
Or being able right deploy Dynamics 365 (free for non profits) you won't believe what more is better than #IceCream #NGO @msphilanthropic
3rd June, 2017
Imagine being able to get $5000 of Azure Cloud credits to get started with your Hosting and cloud computing needs #NGO @msphilanthropic
3rd June, 2017
Imagine not paying for O365, or paying ridiculously low for it at massive O365 discounts. #NGO. @MicrosoftNG
3rd June, 2017
NGOs transform into modern non-profit as they begin using Microsoft cloud technologies #NGO @msphilanthropic @MicrosoftNG
3rd June, 2017
Planning ahead ongoing new project #SmartRuralCommunities fieldwork research worldwide in collaboration w #NGO
2nd June, 2017