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First day of Pro qualifying here at @SantaPodRaceway for the 2018 FIA Main Event , let's go!!! #nhra #fia
26th May, 2018 #nhra, #fia
A beautiful sight... Funny Cars in staging lanes #nhra https://t.co/Og7fASaA23
26th May, 2018 #nhra
@NickBromberg Please, please, please let us host you at a #NHRA event! I want you to see our drivers in action and… https://t.co/Lb6JFearCY
26th May, 2018 #NHRA
FUCKING STUPID...!!!!!!Kind of like kids playing baseball or soccer now and no one keeps score so they don`t get "H… https://t.co/uQCP7ZJDOJ
26th May, 2018
#JustinJones in his Frankenstein Engine Dynamics LLC Camaro gets torn down for running a 3.70@204 at Gateway Motor… https://t.co/jmGQU0rc73
26th May, 2018
We are enjoying the California sunshine this fine Friday after returning from our rainy weekend in Topeka. Read abo… https://t.co/ATYxIOg1Ea
26th May, 2018
I know I have a problem when I can be at the pool on my roof, or well doing anything else here in LA right now, bu… https://t.co/Xpfnlbf0A4
26th May, 2018
Want to know something SUPER exciting⁉️ @meganmeyer.racing is officially repping Celsius Heat! She will be in Chica… https://t.co/VejF7psgE9
26th May, 2018