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Not even in work but wanna come home already #notable
17th January, 2017
Notable = "Conversation-worthy and different." Read how we always strive to be #notable in our @NotableCA profile:…
16th January, 2017
I'm actually still emotionally ruined after Sherlock tonight... #Sherlock #NotAble
16th January, 2017 #Sherlock
Hangover:day 2 update-still wrecked-up with folks for dinner-football on-father shouting,like man possessed,at tv. #NotAble
15th January, 2017
@fqaradaghi @CraigCons #notable he sent his men assassinating those who're outspoken against him Hint,kill Even if hangs to curtains of kaba
14th January, 2017
@Neev_ie @Dailigh for me its his version of i cant make you love me or heal the pain. #notable
13th January, 2017