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I'm deadass a weirdo for ever feeling ashamed/resentful of who I am. I'm not tryna do that anymore because it ends…
24th January, 2018
@corpsewake @Bmac0507 @SenSanders Ah. So you don't give a fuck about the poor and the sick. #noted
24th January, 2018 #noted
Soooooo niggas gotta make bullshit music to be respected as a artist ehh? #Noted
24th January, 2018 #Noted
Note to self: use 100% ownership on Drummond tomorrow in DFS. #snubbed #noted
24th January, 2018 #noted
Mary J. Blige is a constant reminder that success is the best revenge. #noted
24th January, 2018 #noted
Stop adding people to your life with the same characteristics you asked God to remove #Noted
23rd January, 2018 #Noted