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@RepBeatty if you see @NirajAntani please ask him why he deleted my complaints about his high schoolers carrying gu…
19th March, 2018
Whyyyy is there no iTunes or Spotify version of November 18 😭😭 only YouTube 🙄🙄 @Drake #november18
19th March, 2018 #november18
For the @Potus @realDonaldTrump to proclaim lying as the reason for terminating McCabe is hilarious and the largest…
17th March, 2018
Is there anyone in this administration who I a total jackass?? Didn't think so. #November18
16th March, 2018 #November18
"Look at those stupid liberal puppet kids using this as an excuse to get out of school" said the people behind the…
14th March, 2018
@RepKevinCramer @SpeakerRyan I thought the point of giving massive corporations giant tax breaks was that they woul…
12th March, 2018