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@davhq outstanding veteran of the year Callie Rios found a common bond with Commander Pennell #DAV97th #NSDQ https://t.co/lywvqVXWuI
18th July, 2018 #NSDQ
@greeneyedbecky The utterance of "Mogadishu" brings back horrific memories for me. The thought that there are even… https://t.co/j1ieul7LVH
14th July, 2018
3 men I respected and loved are no longer with us this weekend. Three different stories tree different lives three… https://t.co/tkPpsHfocS
13th July, 2018
Closed Sell #NSDQ-S 7313.88 for -8632.0 pips, total for today -8632.0 pips
13th July, 2018 #NSDQ