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@DogFaceSoldier Sir you are one of the great leaders who engage on social media and I appreciate it so much! Keep d… https://t.co/i0Hk57yphM
19th October, 2019
@TeamPelosi Aren’t your worth something like $285 million. Ummm...how’s about you sending me $5 for gas. #MAGAhttps://t.co/RSGreLmoME
18th October, 2019
@ewarren Are you shitting me? How did gun control work out for our Native American ancestors? Seriously...file th… https://t.co/ZZRfrPhfCu
18th October, 2019
@ewarren The fuck is this biased shit! It’s an opinion paper that you wrote. The supporting documents have no defi… https://t.co/Vxx47POU4X
18th October, 2019
@KamalaHarris In an air conditioned chauffeur driven luxury bus. Let’s see you do 24 hours in an MRAP in Iraq.… https://t.co/IZuXeFGWST
17th October, 2019
Lay hands on my family or me...you’re gonna be pulling back bloody stumps. #NSDQ https://t.co/xXBV0TGpjF
16th October, 2019 #NSDQ
@HillaryClinton You gave your kid a medal but left my Brothers to die in Benghazi. You should be in jail. #MAGAhttps://t.co/et2X9ECyd4
15th October, 2019
@IlhanMN You may want to look out your window at Hennepin or Hiawatha. Fix your shit in Minneapolis before you send… https://t.co/SdNT8emfM9
15th October, 2019