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@RDWimp @genderfreeDV or in MY case, on average, every Month for TEN years until #NSWPolice Arrested ME for Restraining her! InsaneNSWOz!
4th December, 2016 #NSWPolice
Contrary to Rumours re: My demise, I am in fact, NOT "Dead" after #NSWPolice #StGeorgeLAC & #NSWFireBrigades BROKE INTO MY UNIT & RANSACKED
3rd December, 2016 #NSWPolice
Oi #nswpolice you decide to book my friend for not going fast enough but it's ok for some idiot to speed down a residential area?! WTF
2nd December, 2016 #nswpolice
@erin_pizzey #NSWPolice Arresting EVERY male citizen on "Easy collars" so they can Fast Track the Unjust Legal system to imprison them later
1st December, 2016 #NSWPolice
Loved the lunchtime entertainment between client appointments today. Thank you #NSWPolice #community #musichttps://t.co/k4G1BOp30e
30th November, 2016 #NSWPolice
2NURFM Hunter News: Driver Charged After Adamstown Crash https://t.co/E400rWQg3U #NSWPolice @2NURFM Hunter News
29th November, 2016 #NSWPolice
Question - is it illegal for an unmarked #nswpolice 4wd to speed 20km/h over the speed limit without flashing lights or using their siren?
29th November, 2016 #nswpolice
@sebsayswhat i had a #nswPolice car idling for an hour in my building basement carpark after a raid. Gassed anyone who entered.
29th November, 2016 #nswPolice