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The problem with @realDonaldTrump and his "We're rounding the corner" bullshit is that he's on the Nürburgring trac…
27th October, 2020
If food vendors at the #Nurburgring don't sell #tangy #tasty #treats called "Nurburger Rings" then seriously what is the point of living?
26th October, 2020 #Nurburgring
We are podcasting tonight!! We have our friend and colleague Nate as guest for some great topics! Any questions???…
26th October, 2020
Hyundai Kona N Caught Testing In Germany's Greatest Playground. The South Koreans are proving to be fearless.…
25th October, 2020
RESULTS P7 Charles Leclerc / Ferrari 8* Nico Hulkenberg / Racing Point 9~ Romain Grosjean / Haas 10 Antonio Giovin…
25th October, 2020
RESULTS P4 Sergio Perez / Racing Point 5 Carlos Sainz / McLaren 6 Pierre Gasly / AlphaTauri ... #F1 #F120CGN #CGN
25th October, 2020