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@Channel7 @MSNBC(Pt16)againsttheirwill.ALL involved are lying&using @FBI agents,#NYPD& @DallasPD tohackALLofmydevices,car&electricity,follow
10th October, 2017 #NYPD
Yes! Yes! Yes! TY @NYIslanders for great night & win! TY for honoring #NYPD Sgt Paul Tuozzolo & sons dropping 1st… https://t.co/P2bgN0u0pj
10th October, 2017 #NYPD
@NYPD19Pct @CCFdn Men & women in blue worked hard to keep everyone safe Thanks to all @NYPD19Pct and everyone from… https://t.co/RRvy6YAAWE
10th October, 2017