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This is precisely how I chill on the reg at home in #OceanBeach #SanDiego. Glad to be back after a couple of weeks… https://t.co/wXwbB4OkQD
28th January, 2020 #OceanBeach, #SanDiego
Over the desert and through the mountains to the beautiful sea. Antiquing in OB yesterday brought a great harvest!… https://t.co/rCMhMKwh65
28th January, 2020
Good Tuesday morning! Drizzle on the coast! Here's our wet Cliff House Ocean Beach camera this AM. @KPIXtv #bayareahttps://t.co/utLpuayBJg
28th January, 2020 #bayarea
Today's Sunset in the Outer Sunset, San Francisco, California, USA. #sunset #sf #oceanbeach License: CC BY 4.0 https://t.co/Y34ghVeRFf
28th January, 2020 #sunset, #oceanbeach
Come out and support your local music tmrw @thc15021 going to be a killer time. Also excited to see what… https://t.co/Jfd6iuPa0U
28th January, 2020
Drizzle this morning along the coast and parts of the Bay. Here's our wet Cliff House Ocean Beach camera this AM.… https://t.co/Apf28XGMzp
27th January, 2020
Shampoo bottles, Shoes, EyeWear, Apparels are being made using plastic collected from beaches and sea. What are you… https://t.co/iCACMfgOpk
27th January, 2020