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2018 #GaadiWaadi Reader's Choice Awards - @SkodaIndia #OctaviaRS wins 2018 Performance Car of the Year Award -… https://t.co/bezec20qc1
12th January, 2018 #OctaviaRS
Would have been my car of the year if I was on the jury. Probably why I'm not on the jury. But by god, it's all the… https://t.co/k9tinxsHjt
11th January, 2018
Performance on your mind? There's no better car than @SkodaIndia's Octavia RS in sub Rs 30 lakh budget. #Skodahttps://t.co/1ykTEce9Gj
9th January, 2018 #Skoda
One of the best pictures of me and my #Skoda to think it was clicked by accident by someone yet came out so iconic!… https://t.co/UreUkOrd8v
9th January, 2018 #Skoda
Strength, sportiness and emotion, the SKODA #OctaviaRS has kick started our week. https://t.co/5WGskAMd4Q
8th January, 2018 #OctaviaRS