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The horror genre will never die. From knife wielding maniacs to possessed thanksgiving turkeys it will always be my… https://t.co/netSAueEiL
19th June, 2018
I just had to use this hashtag. 🎃 #HalloweenMovie 🎃 C'mon #October19
16th June, 2018
Just saw the preview of the new “Halloween” movie!!! 🤗 Can’t wait for October 19th! 🤣 #Halloween #October19
16th June, 2018 #Halloween
#HalloweenMovie trailer holds many clues to the upcoming film’s plot. In addition, several “contradictions” are al… https://t.co/YTvnNYUpFj
16th June, 2018
@Felissa_Rose elissa hi seen the full 2018 of @halloweenmovie trailer on youtube hope u can too, #october19
14th June, 2018
There albums you gotta buy and there are albums that YOU AND I gotta buy.....if you love live 🎶 #october19 #theryman https://t.co/c4TlNasizR
12th June, 2018