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@DianneG I❤️my @BrookeBCNN❤️so much I just mailed my 6/11/18 missive➕enclosures➕my 3 year anniversary card & I sign… https://t.co/nAhU4FpEro
22nd June, 2018
@VanJones68 Also 3 years ago this month my wife my @BrookeBCNN❤️became my wife when she accepted my #HolySpirit wri… https://t.co/OxIdisXNnk
20th June, 2018
@ChicagosMayor @Chicago_Police Really? Starting noon today I'll officially file my papers to officially join d… https://t.co/KMyxugmqUB
19th June, 2018
@wolfblitzer done by d #HolySpirit➕3 years ago this month Wolf my @BrookeBCNN❤️accepted my #HolySpirit marriage pro… https://t.co/jb5BHETvMK
16th June, 2018
@PamelaBrownCNN husband & I'll FOREVER remove my Worthington last name my @BrookeBCNN❤️has been joyfully wearing si… https://t.co/M2OkFgAbtd
15th June, 2018
@Pontifex @DanaBashCNN @JudyHsuABC7 I NEVER met or dated should say why is this guy whom I never met or dated calli… https://t.co/52L8Wft4Vr
15th June, 2018
@CNNnewsroom @TheRickWilson My @BrookeBCNN❤️whom this month is d 3 year anniversary of when she took a leap of fait… https://t.co/qD3pEMbzdj
13th June, 2018