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I remembered when R&L both tweeted on my bday, and the main account fav'd my tweet. #October2015
1st October, 2016 #October2015
@Pontifex @DanaBashCNN me n #October2015 true I wud end my struggle BUT d #HolySpirit wudn't then do d Romans 8:17 of my struggle w/JESUS
26th September, 2016 #October2015
@Pontifex @DanaBashCNN hired me no later than #October2015? What wud b d difference from my getting that @advocatehealth management position
26th September, 2016 #October2015
My last birthday We were together. Sometimes I miss you!!! I hope see you in my next birthday 😐 @Muse_AllMyLife… https://t.co/Nw92bxS5DV
24th September, 2016