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#Repost @Seluis2000 with get_repost ・・・ Mario Frangoulis (mine was that first Christmas cd signed by Mario, he told… https://t.co/yjlrljlRO2
19th October, 2018
@ABonTV I'm goiong to mail my #October2018 missive to you today & you are feeling d SAME as my wife my @BrookeBCNNhttps://t.co/nebvrq22VC
18th October, 2018
@GregHinz @susanamendoza10 @RahmEmanuel me d💰I need to buy a home furnace & Michael Madigan knows #Rahm was suppose… https://t.co/Uv6lkMMmDf
16th October, 2018
Was given a @NintendoAmerica NES classic for my birthday and I’m overwhelmed with nostalgia. Enjoying Excitebike… https://t.co/Ye7CHWwHbc
12th October, 2018