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#17th #October2017 The municipality brought different kinds of ducks and geese to the lake. He's… https://t.co/icbmJ2j6xR
17th November, 2017 #October2017
#14th #October2017 Together, we will happily sing songs happily. Sometimes we don't know the… https://t.co/f3asVToPHo
16th November, 2017 #October2017
@topjob66t @SRuhle This was from a recent trip to Apple Hill in El Dorado Hills in Northern CA at one of the farms… https://t.co/SaAdbJLuXq
16th November, 2017
Oh wow!! The blue is so refreshing. @moriony using our Friday sketch inspiration, has created a showstopper of pret… https://t.co/LMTOkYKWGl
16th November, 2017
Don’t you just stunning color choices & unique layering by @aurora_landgraf ? And look at the subtle blue ombré on… https://t.co/l7RKiTO3pV
16th November, 2017
Get an eye full of the vibrant fall colors on this fantastic page by @marinette_scrap. We love the limited color pa… https://t.co/LSilwoIaKg
16th November, 2017