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@gmbutts I am absolutely astonished at the level of ignorance of respect for the basic laws that this country was f… https://t.co/f9XSusFrz9
24th August, 2019
EXACTLY two months from now Canadians will have the opportunity to get rid of him. Don't pass this up!!!!!! #Canadahttps://t.co/1yiDChciXh
22nd August, 2019 #Canada
Elections Canada (EC): Climate changs is partisan. Everyone: What? EC: Oops. Okay we'll deal with it on a comp… https://t.co/0IgMsN5psn
21st August, 2019
@JustinTrudeau and @cathmckenna out for a cruise. Hopefully they don’t choke on the raw sewage that was pumped ou… https://t.co/HhNzwcQz7Y
20th August, 2019
@CBCPolitics @CBCPolitics Trudeau’s transgressions are an AFFAIR and Scheer’s questions are an ATTACK? Good grief -… https://t.co/dbD2xLFsuz
20th August, 2019
@JustinTrudeau You just keep on doing what your doing. It’s perfect. By October you won’t be able to find a Liberal… https://t.co/GFEdluk15p
19th August, 2019
Repeatedly found guilty for obstruction... He will be in France for the G7. So, hang in there Canada, this is the l… https://t.co/eDkxsgR4ma
19th August, 2019