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Peter Kalumba Chishala also known as P.K was a Great Zambian Musician who led the first wave of Kalindula. … https://t.co/ki9f1iBkNC
22nd July, 2017
The Witch is a Zambian Rock Band that was formed in the 1970s & took the Country by Storm #Zamrock #Zambiahttps://t.co/tLKMkGeprX
21st July, 2017
Feel me in Friday 💕 Fridays are the days that all the newest information will be released ✨ Stay tuned #October28https://t.co/PHF5QfWB2v
21st July, 2017 #October28
@MichelleHarper_ ...saw what you sent to Kelly this morning. I'm 👀you. #October28
20th July, 2017 #October28
Music Appreciation Day - Workshop, Documentaries, Listening Sessions, Networking, Exhibition, Meet and Greet… https://t.co/bpYbpW9gpk
17th July, 2017