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High in the Himalayan country, #Tibet, one has little options for #tea. The traditional form of tea taken is defini… https://t.co/gzQCE38uUD
18th November, 2017 #Tibet
#Oddly Clinton money-man Terry McAuliffe donated $500,000 in 2015 to a state Senate candidate by the name of "Ms. M… https://t.co/HBqIEax741
16th November, 2017 #Oddly
I really believe he's had Neurological damage for yrs. The decease is making it worse. He's on 1 train of thought.… https://t.co/WguYDLV85l
12th November, 2017
Why Donated Fur Coats Are Being Used to Comfort Orphaned Exotic Baby Ani... https://t.co/oAXFcrPl1w via @YouTubehttps://t.co/ZQp76DfjjW
11th November, 2017