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@Ben_McAdoo U have a receding TEAM! I make a living as a #comedian. You can't hurt me w/hair jokes! UR record is te… https://t.co/nGkr9MdarY
28th November, 2017 #comedian
If Odell is overrated, then Jerry Rice and Randy Moss are overrated. This man put up better stats than both of them… https://t.co/AJ449I244n
28th November, 2017
Join 9 people right now at " Giants' Odell Beckham dances with LSU band (VIDEO) | https://t.co/ycpPy8bPrw" #cheershttps://t.co/o2MnMI474C
26th November, 2017
Villarreal puts Pirates in the Red Zone after the one handed catch!! #Odell
25th November, 2017 #Odell
11 catches for 178 and a score in this years Turkey Bowl #Odell
22nd November, 2017 #Odell