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Head to your play store I Android and download Open Heavens Connect mobile app today! #openheavenconnect #ohc #ohhttps://t.co/KioGiOmBJI
22nd February, 2018 #ohc
The #JUCO grind, isn’t easy. Especially far from home. It’s easy to make excuses & try to transfer. It takes a cer… https://t.co/sssTdTY2cH
22nd February, 2018
Not only do we have @FostersUK @carling and John Smith's for only £2.50 a pint! but that now includes Guinness!!! A… https://t.co/EYUKE01FVb
21st February, 2018
Open Heavens daily devotional Wednesday, 21 February 2018 _____ Be careful of the people you associate with! Read… https://t.co/gOFvMvLSW3
21st February, 2018
Open Heavens Daily Devotional Tuesday 20th February 2018 ____ Download OPEN HEAVENS CONNECT for more features ___… https://t.co/2S7tyNTGv0
20th February, 2018
On Saturday, Feb. 24th there will be an impressions day with New England ASDA at UNE Oral Health Center. More info… https://t.co/n9ONAQvGsQ
20th February, 2018
Studebaker Building aka Fine Arts Building designed by SS Beman 1885 is where Abe & Esther Teitelbaum had their Law… https://t.co/k1N0iqHP7r
20th February, 2018
Today we honor all of the Presidents who have served our great country. Happy #PresidentsDay2018 #OHC https://t.co/9QLgCzzkoh
19th February, 2018 #OHC