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I mean, if you think about it, some kids only know him from the Fallon show... #olds https://t.co/TsDHRAGa2f
16th December, 2017 #olds
Fantastic Results For First Edition of Olds Fireman Bucket Challenge. @Chantal_Wagner collected @965CKFM audio.… https://t.co/U8x1iphtYc
15th December, 2017
Hookup with chicks that love sucking cock! ⏩ https://t.co/U00T4z2gYF <<< Rawhitiroa Fort Worth Askas #olds #usa #радиоуглеродный
15th December, 2017 #olds, #usa
The Last Oldsmobile Ever Built Crossing Auction Block Today: Thirteen years after the Oldsmobile brand expired, Gen… https://t.co/4ErZhcLmuH
15th December, 2017
@SMDelRay Sure. You and I think that. We're #Olds. But does a 20 year old not hear what's awful? Since they grew… https://t.co/vUo09p9O4m
15th December, 2017 #Olds
Repost 📷: @jgallantart . Finally! Finished this one this week - Ucuelet Shore 18x24 oil #janicegallantarthttps://t.co/PhzE5z51w4
15th December, 2017
Repost 📷: @moussecakesally . Swing by the farm basket in three hills for one of these super cute Christmas baskets… https://t.co/Pgtl9cC6ox
14th December, 2017