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All of my favorite Oldsmobiles from Hershey. There weren't many, but the ones that came were some real show-stopper… https://t.co/Mz6FBfIvRZ
19th October, 2019
If you have never seen the 1999 @Oldsmobile Recon you should really give it a look. I dont know why but I really li… https://t.co/EGYsvCESYF
18th October, 2019
Is your 89 Oldsmobile missing the cigarette lighter? We got you. You can even keep your loose pills in there *wink… https://t.co/ucoVC0E0y0
18th October, 2019
Jim made this 1934 Oldsmobile that sat in a garage for 30 years look like new again! Keep us in mind for all your p… https://t.co/cZ5yUyz80a
18th October, 2019