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Also from todays filming: Adam perfecting his beer drinking method... #axiiio #kickstarter #motioncontrolcamerahttps://t.co/fWwVeWyM8G
20th October, 2020 #kickstarter
This is Motor way in Tokyo. For people, whoever misses trip around Japan. 🚗💥💨💨💨 #lifegoesonwheelshttps://t.co/wFkMGO8w4W
20th October, 2020
@UKCustodySgt @andersonrdean We had conversation today about people not knowing who Benny from Crossroads ( or what… https://t.co/UEG16OMOeo
19th October, 2020
@CarterElliottIV My daughter’s music class @TandemFriends is doing a version of Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain for 10th… https://t.co/Hs6uj60xLC
19th October, 2020
#Tokenization of an oldtimer? A classic car on the blockchain? Invest in a collector's car without owning it comple… https://t.co/C6KvzEd8Mt
19th October, 2020