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These #Ontario hospitals are beyond overcrowded. This is a very serious problem, @fordnation
15th October, 2018 #Ontario
Don't miss this #supplychain event happening this week. Join industry experts, including @stephen_tapp from… https://t.co/8LUZQSIyLA
15th October, 2018
Ottawa is stunning and one of the most "European" cities I've seen outside Europe. Just amazing 🤩 #canada🇨🇦… https://t.co/vL2Cs4zGEs
15th October, 2018 #canada
@FaithGoldy @Rogers Anybody who is not engaged across all platforms online is truly asleep or complicit. Social med… https://t.co/OkuwL1RwLl
15th October, 2018
Only 3 Days Left! Will you be doing anything to celebrate the legalization of #Marijuana across #Canada? 😙💨 . Retw… https://t.co/OeQMPfQ7tq
15th October, 2018 #Canada
@PlayOLG why the $50-$100 buy in Woodbine casino tables??? That combined with ATM minimum withdrawal set at $100! A… https://t.co/vVPK6R1xyJ
15th October, 2018
Adventurous day. Went for lunch, ended up being at Niagara Falls. What an amazing weather to visit such a place.… https://t.co/09YtDx2Ewx
15th October, 2018